Team USA Paralympic Parasnowboard Podium Sweep03.14.14

Nice work people. Team USA, DROPPING! Way stoked for all of you.

Click on the photo for details!


Podium Sweep

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Super Fun.03.11.14


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Land of Misfit Toys02.22.14

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So Nice.01.31.14

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!Me Gusta El Snowboardiar!01.30.14

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Pirate Treasure01.09.14

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Love Montana.01.06.14



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Road to Sochi: I MADE THE TEAM!!!!05.08.13

The dream realized. After 14 years in the making, adaptive snowboarding has evolved into its own entity. Thanks to all the people and organizations that have pushed for this moment for over a decade. I made the pick for the U.S. Paralympics Snowboard National Team. So stoked!

Click below on the USP logo for the full article at:



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Road to Sochi: USASA National Championships SBX, Copper Mountain, CO04.07.13

It is the last day of the season at the Big in Whitefish, MT and I am not riding. My neck is stiff and my arm has a lack of sensation in various spots. I guess this is what happens when you try to flatten out the roller section of the course with your face. It didn’t work. I was able to pull myself together enough to take my third run and manage a 4th place finish.

I keep thinking about the sign on the ceiling during my x-rays that said, “consider this to be just another part of your alpine experience.” The truth of running boardercross is that it is not a matter of if you go down…it is a matter of when. This is true of all snowboarding; when you love it you just keep sending it.

US Paralympics will be announcing the national team picks in a few weeks. Cross your fingers!

Lucas's X-RayLucas, Tyler, and RoundyNicole RoundySky ChutesTravisty



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Road to Sochi: IPC World Cup, Big White, Canada04.01.13

After a 14 hour drive home from Big White in a packed team van, I had some restorative time yesterday…a little me time. It is amazing what a directional twin, a solo hike, and slushy spring corn snow can do for your soul. I love the competitive element of adaptive snowboarding but it is taxing. I leave for the US National Championships at 5a.m. tomorrow.

Lucas Hellroaring Peak

I have to give it up to the Canadians. This was the best boardercross course I have ever shredded. I loved the flow, the deep banked corners, and the table tops that are just big enough to scare you a bit. Check out this video from Big White.

The event was billed as one World Cup but it was actually two days of racing with two chances to gain IPC points. These points help determine a rider’s position on the US Team and if they make the team at all. Each athlete has three runs and the best two are combined to determine who wins.

On the first day of competition, I had the oddest run of my life. The jump at the finish line had a bad lip and it was sending riders in awkward directions. I gunned it off the jump and when I landed I buckled at the waist, kissed my boots, and spun an unintentional 180. Now riding switch, I headed toward the finish line. Then I clipped the gate about 1 foot in front of the line and was disqualified. This left me in 11th place for the day but as they say, “that’s racing.”

Freestyle Finish

Day 1 Results DSQDay 1 Results

On day two of racing, things came together so much better for me. I had consistent times and good placement internationally. The results from these two days combined puts me 4th in the US and leaves me with a good chance of making Team USA!

Lucas and Ian Lockey

Day 2 Results Board Day 2 Results

After 13 years in organized sport, this unique group of individuals continues to blow my mind. I do not believe in much but I am intuitive enough to know when I have been blessed. Thanks for the good times people.

The Whole Gang Roundy and Christina Bibian to Win Carl Murphy's Long Awaited 1st Place Ben takes it! The Bowl at Big WhiteExpo Bracket after the World Cup

Special thanks to: My friends and family, ottobock, Homeschool Snowboarding, The Wave in Whitefish, Team Utah, the National Ability Center, and the High Fives Foundation.



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Boarding Toward the Paralympics: Flathead Beacon03.29.13

Click on the Photo for the Article!


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Blower Days back home at the Big Mountain03.27.13

I am currently at the IPC Para-Snowboard World Cup at Big White B.C. The course is a series of deep banked corners and table top jumps. It is super fun and has so much flow that one turn has been dubbed ‘the toilet bowl’.  Boardercross footage to come. I have had some technical difficulties with the camera. For now, enjoy some blower turns from back home in Montana.



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Road to the Paralympics NorAm’s Post #702.04.13

Here I am at the end of this segment of an amazing adventure. At the second NorAm boardercross event in Copper Mountain, CO, I placed 4th in the US and 6th internationally. So excited about this!  This puts me in good standing to be selected for US national team this spring. There is one more qualifying event in April. I also may be able to attend the World Cup in Canada come March. Cross your fingers!

While doing well in these competitions is awesome, I don’t feel as though I am competing for a spot on the podium, a medal, or the right to say I am the best. I feel like I am competing for the right to go on the next amazing adventure. By seeking the podium, I am able to go further… to experience more. The people I meet, the sick places to shred and the journey are the true prize.

Lucas and JohnLucas and TylerLucas at Copper NorAmIPC NorAm Results2Kieth, Mike, Evan



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Road to the Paralympics NorAm’s Post #601.29.13


Photo Credit: Kevin Westenbarger, Courtesy of Ottobock.

Here I am in Frisco, CO. Tired, ready for a day off snow, and to otherwise be out of motion. I have spent the last 2 days in a bus with my teammates traveling from the Paralympic qualifier in Tahoe to the next NorAm here in CO. Riding in this vehicle feels like you are standing in the galley of a ship for 28 hours straight. 

At the US Paralympic NorAm Boardercross in Tahoe, I placed 4th in the US and 8th internationally. So stoked! My goal for this season is to step my riding up and to make the US national team selection in May. This event was a solid start. There are two more North American events to go before a national team is selected. This makes me a little nervous.

Lucas with Nicole Roundy

IPC Event Results, CLICK HERE

The whole experience in Tahoe was amazing. The BX course was fun with a lot of flow. The course timing system was great and event staff were very professional. Leave it to Brent Kuemmerle of the Tahoe Adaptive Competition Center run a flawless race and to book the event right next to the coolest bowling alley in California. Nice work, El Duderino!

Tahoe Bowl

The event in Tahoe was the largest gathering of adaptive snowboard competitors in world. Yes, it was a record at 51 athletes! For me, this is validation that the sport I adore has truly become successful. I define success as something that lives beyond your own efforts and beyond the contributions of others. I was standing at the top of the race course looking at dozens of foreign competitors and realized that I didn’t know any of them. They did this on their own. This is success. Adaptive snowboarding is now an entity within itself.

Lucas Utah Olympic Park

I am looking forward to the next event. Training starts the day after tomorrow.

Please check out the photos and video below.

My new love affair

Nevada Wasteland

Serafim and Team Utah

Packing the Legs


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Road to the Paralympics NorAm’s Post #501.21.13

Well folks, a super productive week. Stu Rea, of Team Utah, was out with us on Friday night at the Utah Olympic Park for BX training. Yes Stu, flat board, got it!

My custom BX race board will be here in the morning. I have to get it into Rennstall, a ski and snowboard tuning shop, for a base grind and a solid race tune before the first NorAm event in Tahoe on the 27th. Rennstall is like a honeyhole vortex of superior tuning, rad customer service and a shop that knows how to bro down. I have long thought that the soul of Park City had been drained out but this shop and the unique people they employ have proven me wrong. It is the kind of shop where if you are on the team, you are family. A high five, a thank you and a six pack of cold ones goes a long way. Word to Rennstall!

Check out the video of Friday night practice. Thanks and stay tuned!

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  • Lucas Grossi Adaptive Snowboarding
    Hello friends and fellow rippers! Adaptive Snowboarding, or Para-Snowboarding, has officially made it into the Paralympic Games, Sochi 2014. In 2000, I coordinated and competed in the first adaptive snowboard competition in the world with the United States of America Snowboard Association. Since that time, I have pursued this dream as an event organizer, coach, and competitive athlete. Now that the adaptive shred has made it to this pinnacle moment, I am shooting for a Para-Snowboard athlete position on the United States Paralympic Team for Sochi 2014. Please donate and help me achieve my goal of $6,000 for training and competition expenses for the 2012/13 winter season! To Donate Go To: Original Gimp Snowboard Athlete Donations!