Road to the Paralympics NorAm’s Post #1

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Well, here I am. 36 years old and still not giving it up. After 12 years,  adaptive snowboarding made it into the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi Russia. I am 6 to 8 years older than some of the best riders in the U.S. and I don’t care. I am doing this.

Adaptive snowboarding was denied for the 2014 Paralympic Games in 2011. On May 2, 2012, they announced the inclusion of the sport. Much to my surprise and others.

The road thus far has not been easy. Financially strapped and overweight this fall from being pinned down to an office desk…I’ve had a lot of work to do. Today was my first day back in Park City to train with Team Utah. Super stoked!

Special thanks to: My family and friends, Ottobock., High Fives Foundation, Northern Care Inc., Travis and Brent, Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain, Laurie and Ed Stalling, National Ability Center, Team Utah, Ellen Adams and Mike, Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation, Homeschool Snowboarding, and the Whitefish Wave.

Oh, hey Monzo, you still have to do your own laundry this time around.

Please check out the photos of progress thus far. More on this journey to come. Please stay tuned for more posts.

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  1. # 1 Aaron Says:

    Things you can’t do after 40 – Haha! I’m feelin’ the big 4-0 creep, too.

    I’m super pumped for you. You are one of the best riders I’ve every had the pleasure shredding with. It doesn’t matter that you think you’re “6 to 8 years older than some of the best riders in the U.S” because your age makes you wily.

    Best of luck!

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