Road to Sochi: IPC World Cup, Big White, Canada

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After a 14 hour drive home from Big White in a packed team van, I had some restorative time yesterday…a little me time. It is amazing what a directional twin, a solo hike, and slushy spring corn snow can do for your soul. I love the competitive element of adaptive snowboarding but it is taxing. I leave for the US National Championships at 5a.m. tomorrow.

Lucas Hellroaring Peak

I have to give it up to the Canadians. This was the best boardercross course I have ever shredded. I loved the flow, the deep banked corners, and the table tops that are just big enough to scare you a bit. Check out this video from Big White.

The event was billed as one World Cup but it was actually two days of racing with two chances to gain IPC points. These points help determine a rider’s position on the US Team and if they make the team at all. Each athlete has three runs and the best two are combined to determine who wins.

On the first day of competition, I had the oddest run of my life. The jump at the finish line had a bad lip and it was sending riders in awkward directions. I gunned it off the jump and when I landed I buckled at the waist, kissed my boots, and spun an unintentional 180. Now riding switch, I headed toward the finish line. Then I clipped the gate about 1 foot in front of the line and was disqualified. This left me in 11th place for the day but as they say, “that’s racing.”

Freestyle Finish

Day 1 Results DSQDay 1 Results

On day two of racing, things came together so much better for me. I had consistent times and good placement internationally. The results from these two days combined puts me 4th in the US and leaves me with a good chance of making Team USA!

Lucas and Ian Lockey

Day 2 Results Board Day 2 Results

After 13 years in organized sport, this unique group of individuals continues to blow my mind. I do not believe in much but I am intuitive enough to know when I have been blessed. Thanks for the good times people.

The Whole Gang Roundy and Christina Bibian to Win Carl Murphy's Long Awaited 1st Place Ben takes it! The Bowl at Big WhiteExpo Bracket after the World Cup

Special thanks to: My friends and family, ottobock, Homeschool Snowboarding, The Wave in Whitefish, Team Utah, the National Ability Center, and the High Fives Foundation.



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